Nigel T Phillips trained as a cabinet maker at Rycotewood College in Oxfordshire in the early 90s. He returned to the college in 2003 to teach, before moving to Devon to start his own furniture making and furniture restoration business in Kingsbridge, Devon.

He is dedicated to making unique, high quality furniture that will become family heirlooms of the future. He also values the skills of past cabinet makers and is able to restore your furniture or just revive it to give it a new lease of life.


Every piece of furniture is individually made and is therefore unique to the customer. Nigel will work with you to give you a high quality piece of furniture to your design, timber choice and specific size requirements. Your furniture can also be finished in a variety of ways including French polish.


Nigel believes that all furniture, whether antique or modern, deserves the same care and attention to detail regardless of the monetary value of the piece. He knows the importance of your family heirlooms and will work hard to return your furniture to its former glory.

Typical damage to furniture that Nigel works on includes broken furniture, securing loose joints and making good scratches and other visual damage.


Nigel can supply an individual item of kitchen furniture, e.g.  a kitchen dresser, or all the units for a complete kitchen.  The units can be made in a timber, style and size of your choice.

Handmade vanity units for a bathroom enable you to have a high quality design and sleek finish without the need for infills that have to be used when using standard size units.